What is Emoji-Money?
An affordable, simple and fun way to invest in rare & collectable NFTs & cryptocurrencies. Some participating businesses even accept Emoji-Money for tangible goods (much like the old-world paper coupons).

Where can I buy Emoji-Money?
You can purchase Emoji-Money in our online store. We only accept BitcoinCash & Ethereum.

Can I get some free Emoji-Money?
You will need a “wallet” to receive your free Emoji-Money. Badger by Bitcoin is excellent. It’s free too! You can find it in Google Play or the App Store. If you can’t find it, check badger.bitcoin.com for links. The Bitcoin.com wallet works excellent and has more features, available in Google Play and the App Store.

Are they rare and valuable?
. Only 1,000,001 of each Emoji-Money exists. Investors can buy as little as 1.00 of each emoji. Each emoji has been registered on the blockchain and has a “certificate of authenticity” from Bitcoin.

Check your local businesses and FaceBook groups to see if anyone is giving away free Emoji-Money. A list of businesses will be created in the future.

Can I have my own Emoji-Money.com tokens?
Yes. We can mint you your own tokens to your specifications. This can even allow you to have your own virtual currency, barter system or gift card program. Great for BIAs to promote their Communities. Prices start at $1,000 for this service.

Is it secure?
Yes. Emoji-Money uses SLP tokens hosted on the BCH blockchain.